Allegretto Wavelight Eye-Q is the newest & safest system of surgery.

The Allegretto Wavelight Eye correction procedure is the most up to date and fastest laser surgery there is. This excimer system received FDA approval and has been successfully used in the past five years. Dr. William Boothe performs eye correction surgery with the Allegretto Wavelight system as the most effective and safest excimer laser system today.

Before laser eye surgery, the Allegro Analyzer takes a special WaveFront scan of your eye condition using only visible light. This procedure helps to avoid mistakes of calculations or refactoring by the surgeon because all processes are fully automated. Therefore it is possible to calculate the whole course of laser eye surgery. In contrast to other laser eye correction methods, the Allegretto Wavelight procedure aims to preserve the natural shape of the cornea. The postoperative period is faster and side effects are minimal. Many patients reported that after having the Allegretto Wavelight procedure, there is no glare while driving at night.

In addition to all the benefits of the Allegretto Wavelight Eye system, it allows a customized treatment suitable to the unique features of each individual patient’s eyes. It also uses perfect pulse technology. When the laser applied with small laser pulses to reshape the cornea it maintains a smooth surface on the cornea to avoid spherical distortion. A Closed Loop Energy control system regulates the intensity of the laser beam and decreases the thermal effects on the eye. Patients are satisfied with the Allegretto Wavelight procedure because the majority experienced no complications such as irritation, dry eye, or inflammation.

Who is the best candidate for laser vision correction?
- Age: 20 – 45 years
- Myopia up to -15,0 D
- Farsightedness to +6,0 D
- Astigmatism up to ± 6,0 D
- Stable vision
- The absence of acute and chronic diseases of the eye

If you look for the quality, safety, and precision in laser eye procedures we invite you to visit Boothe Eye Care Center where Dr. Boothe has performed thousands of successful surgeries by using the Allegretto Wavelight system – he will be glad to help you choose the right treatment to improve your eyesight.